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Post Impressionism
Post Impressionism is a predominantly French art movement that was born roughly between 1886 and 1905, from the last Impressionist[...]
Impressionism was a French art movement that started in the 19th century, from around 1860. It marked a momentous break[...]
Dadaism and Duchamp
Dadaism was an artistic and literary movement that began in Zurich, Switzerland. It arose as a reaction to World War[...]
Art in the Technological Era
 Where would the Impressionists have been without the invention of portable paint tubes that enabled them to paint outdoors? Who[...]
What is Art?
What Is Art? There has always been a huge amount of debate with regards to the definition of art. What[...]
The History Of Colour
The History Of Colour The invention of paint as we know it began as early as 40,000 years ago and[...]

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My daughter Kate loves Mandy's Art and has learned so much there. Her art has improved so much since taking lessons with Mandy!!!


 Parents – honestly – do yourself a favour and get your kids to art class… It’s not just their natural artistic talent that will benefit, but their ability to focus on school work too…


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