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Why Choose Mandy's Art Studio?


You will join one of our small classes where we pride ourselves on personal and individualised instruction.

Beautiful Studio Spaces

The environment in which you create art can make all the difference and with our two spacious, bright and beautiful studio spaces you will never be short of inspiration.


Each of our teachers is qualified with a degree in either Fine Arts or Design. They are friendly, encouraging and here to help you learn, grow and produce artwork that will amaze yourself and others!

Main Benefits of Art

Art is beneficial to all stages of life

The process of creating art is not always about the end product. It is often more about the actual creative process and this is not something to feel intimidated by.

Art is beneficial to anyone at any stage of life.


Anxiety Relief

Getting involved with creative things like painting, sculpting, drawing and
photography can be incredibly relaxing as well as rewarding. At the end you have a product that you created with your own two hands to e proud of and at the same time art is known to reduce stress levels. It is an excellent way to help clear your mental state, leaving you calm and relaxed with a renewed sense of clarity.


Encourages Creative Thinking

Art has a bit of a knock on effect in that the more you create and make, the
more dynamic your thought processes become. Art encourages creative thinking and this kind of thought process stimulates your brain to grow new neurons. Creativity doesn’t just involve the right side of the brain, but rather gives your brain the space for both sides to effectively communicate with each other.


Boosts Self-Esteem

Art has a profound effect on your mental state when you complete an artwork. In that moment when you can take a step back and say “I did that!”. It is very satisfying and boosts your confidence and self esteem. This accomplishment releases dopamine into the body, which in turn stimulates the creation of new neurons and prepares the brain for more learning.


It Makes Children Better Students

Particularly with children, art teaches us to be better students. Art lessons increase brain plasticity, which essentially refers to the brains ability to change throughout life. Art lessons do not only this but also create a more fluid intelligence and have been known to improve IQ scores as well as attentiveness. They improve overall behavior in children and reduce impulsiveness, as well as give children a platform to express their thoughts and feelings.


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My daughter Kate loves Mandy's art and has learned so much there. Her art has improved so much since taking lessons with Mandy!!!

Mandy's Art is now 


Stuck inside? Feeling a little stir-crazy? Art is more important than ever in these turbulent times, so why not try out an online art class to keep yourself productive, happy and sane? While we are back up and running with our regular studio classes, we're still hosting plenty of weekly online sessions for kids and adults alike. 

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At Mandy’s Art, students hone their skills at their own pace and beginners start with the basics of drawing and colour mixing. Whether you’re an advanced painter or simply enjoy creating in your spare time, classes can be joined at any point and the monthly fee includes basic materials.

Our Team

Owner/Manager/Art Teacher

Mandy started ‘Mandys Art’ in 2009 and loves sharing her experience and expertise with her students and helping them create artworks they never thought they were capable of.

Art Teacher

Nadine teaches our online art classes. She is patient and takes her time with each of her students, encouraging them with her gentle smile and soft spoken voice to reach their full potential.

Art Teacher

Sinead is full of energy and life and brings plenty of warmth and creativity to the studio. She aims to inspire her students to produce their best artworks while having fun. 

Art Teacher

Erin has a thoughtful and considerate nature with a sparkle in her eyes that makes her a great addition to the team. She is patient and kind and loves to bring out the creativity of those around her.


Naomi is an integral part of the team and is the voice behind all our lovely emails! She also deals with the class bookings and invoicing and does a great job balancing it all!

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Based in Johannesburg, we are an art studio which  offers art classes that guide people towards finding their inner artists.