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Early Renaissance Art
Renaissance art is divided into two primary areas. Early Renaissance art had distinct characteristics that separated it from later developments.[...]
Medieval Art and the Middle Ages
Medieval art is a term that encompasses a general period of economic and social stagnation in Europe and the Eastern[...]
After Ancient Art
Somewhere between Ancient Roman art and Cubism lies a period of art that we consider to be the relative middle[...]
Ancient Islamic Art
Islamic art will typically encompass all visual arts produced from the seventh century onwards by culturally Islamic populations. It is[...]
Byzantine Art
Byzantine art, architecture, paintings and other visual arts were produced in the Middle Ages in the Byzantine Empire, which was[...]
Ancient Indian Art
India has a rich and complex history spanning thousands of years. India was the only major Asian culture known to[...]


Based in Johannesburg, we are an art studio which  offers art classes that guide people towards finding their inner artists.